Artem Medvedev


My name is Artem Medvedev and I’m an Edmonton-based writer, poet, and college instructor. I write all the time when I don’t teach, basically. On this site, you can find information about all of my published and upcoming work.

You can also find details about my work on my Amazon page.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

New short story collection, “At Home with the Nazis,” coming out

The collection includes three stories altogether. Two of these are brand-new, one of which details a young girl’s life in a Nazi-occupied town in the Soviet Union, while the other provides insight into the thoughts and feelings of people in connection with a recent news story. The third story in the collection is the previously published “Deadweight,” which is, like “At Home with the Nazis,” about the Second World War on the Eastern Front as seen through the eyes of its various participants.

NEW RELEASE: “Fog,” a diverse collection of writings

Available on Amazon – a new collection including two short stories and an essay.

  • “Fog” deals with the philosophical issues of the meaning and the beauty of life.
  • “Buddy” is my personal reaction to recent news from South Africa that brought together the issues of animal rights and welfare, ethics, and common sense.
  • “How to stay single in a meaningful way” provides insight into the thought process of a person looking for the love of their life on the Internet.